Term: Enumeration Area (EA)

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Last Updated: 2007-07-31


"An enumeration area is the geographic area canvassed by one census representative. An EA is composed of one or more adjacent blocks. EAs cover all the territory of Canada. Enumeration areas are only used for census data collection. [In the 2001 Census,] the dissemination area (DA) replaces the EA as a basic unit for dissemination." For the 1996 census, EAs had a maximum of 440 dwellings in urban areas and a minimum of 125 dwellings in rural areas and were the smallest standard geographical area for which census data were reported. As of the 2001 census the maximum number of dwellings contained in EAs increased to 650 in large urban areas.

Source: Statistics Canada Website - Detailed Definition of Enumeration Area - http://www12.statcan.ca/english/census01/Products/Reference/dict/geo024.htm - accessed July 31, 2007.

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