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Last Updated: 2014-07-03


The Physician Resource Database is "an elaboration of the basic physician information available to the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository (Repository) from Manitoba Health. It contains physicians' demographic data and information derived from analysis of their practice patterns. These data can be used to analyze other components of the Repository from the perspective of physicians." (Frohlich et al., 2006).

Physician-related data can be extracted from several files (e.g.: Medical Services, the MCHP Provider Registry and Hospital Discharge Abstracts) in the Repository depending on the needs of individual projects. The term Physician Resource Database is specific to MCHP publications and refers to the broad collection of physician-related data in the MCHP Repository, including project-specific analyses (e.g.: patterns of practice) performed by additional programming efforts with this data for individual projects.

For more information, see the Provider Registry Data glossary term.

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