Term: Rural South Regional Health Authorities (RHAs)

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Last Updated: 2013-06-05


An aggregate geographical area, co-developed by MCHP and The Need To Know Team for use in MCHP research, which includes all of the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) in the rural south area of Manitoba, except the two urban centres of Winnipeg and Brandon. Those RHAs include: South Eastman, Central, Assiniboine (formerly South Westman and Marquette), Interlake, North Eastman, and Parkland.

NOTE: In more recent projects (Martens et al. (2010), Fransoo et al. (2011), Garland et al. (2012), Brownell et al. (2012)) and Smith et al. (2013) the RHAs of Interlake, North Eastman, and Parkland are included in a separate aggregate geography called "Mid RHAs", while South Eastman, Central, and Assiniboine RHAs are identified as the "South RHAs" or "Rural South RHAs".

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