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Last Updated: 2021-06-04


The Government of Manitoba's long-term, cross-departmental prevention strategy for children and families. Led by the Healthy Child Committee of Cabinet, Healthy Child Manitoba (HCM) bridges departments and governments and, together with the community, works to improve the well-being of Manitoba's children and youth. HCM focuses on child-centred public policy through the integration of financial and community-based family supports. HCM researches best practices and models and adapts these to Manitoba's unique situation. It works to strengthen provincial policies and programs for healthy child and adolescent development, from the prenatal period to adulthood. HCM evaluates programs and services in an attempt to find the most effective ways to achieve the best possible outcomes for Manitoba children, families, and communities.

Source: Healthy Child Manitoba Web Site. Healthy Baby Community Program Guide - 2010 - Page 17 - accessed May 25, 2012.

NOTE: Healthy Child Manitoba is now a part of the Child and Youth Programs offered in the province of Manitoba. For more information about Manitoba Child and Youth Programs, see the Manitoba Child and Youth Programs website.

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