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Roos NP, Mitchell L, Peterson S, Shapiro E. Perspectives on Home Care Data Requirements. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2001. [Report]

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Access to Home Care
Home Care and Hospitalizations
Home Care and Personal Care Homes (PCH)
Intensity of Home Care Use
MCHP De-Identified Home Care Client File

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Adult Day Care
Adult Day Hospital
Assessment for Personal Care Home (PCH) Placement
Assessment Panels
Assisted Living
Block Care
Care Level
Case Management
Chronic Care
Client Assessment Data
Confidence Interval (CI) / Confidence Limits (CL)
Continuing Care
Direct Services
Family Relief
Family-managed Care
Home Care Program
Household Assistance
Indirect Services
Interim Housing
Long Term Care Access Centre
Manitoba Support Services Payroll (MSSP) Database
Meals on Wheels
Palliative Care Program
Panelled Days
Panelling Date / Panel Date
Pediatric Home Care
Personal Care
Reason for Termination
Record Linkage / Data Linkage
Regional Health Authority (RHA)
Respite / Respite Care
Self-managed Care
Single Entry
Support to Seniors Program
Supportive Housing
Type of Referral


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