Concept: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coding and Data Sources

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Concept Description

Last Updated: 2021-06-10

    In Manitoba, the coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in early 2020 and new methods for identifying, tracking and treating the infection were developed. This concept identifies the data sources used to collect this information and a description of how information about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is recorded in each data source.
Repository Data Sources
1. Medical Services / Physician Claims Data
    The following tariff codes and ICD-9 diagnoses codes were updated in the Physician Tariff Manual from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) for recording coronavirus-related information in the Medical Services / Physician Claims data. This includes several updates for COVID-19 related tariff / diagnosis codes; one in March 2020, one in November 2020, and in 2021.

    For a complete listing of all virtual or telephone physician visits, please see the Virtual or Telephone Physician Visits concept.
March 14, 2020 Update
    The following new temporary tariff codes were available for support of COVID-19 as of March 14, 2020:

    Tariff Code Description
    Virtual Visit by Telephone or Video
    Virtual Psychotherapy by Telephone or Video
November 17, 2020 Update
    The following new tariff codes are available for support of COVID-19 as of November 17, 2020:

    Tariff Code Description
    Office Visit for COVID-19 with or without test
    Virtual Visit by telephone or video - patient aged 65-69 years
    Virtual Visit by telephone or video - patient aged 70 years or over
    Comprehensive Virtual Assessment by General Practitioner
    Comprehensive Virtual Assessment by Specialist
    Immunization - Influenza - High Dose

    The following ICD-9 diagnoses codes were modified by MHSAL to allow the recording of medical conditions related to COVID-19:

    ICD-9 Code Current Interpretation of Descriptor* Original Code Descriptor
    Exposure to COVID-19 Exposure to SARS
    COVID-19 Associated Coronavirus SARS Associated Coronavirus
    Pneumonia due to COVID-19 Pneumonia due to SARS
    NOTE: * Temporary Manitoba descriptor interpretations, effective November 2019
2021 Updates
    The following tariff codes are available for recording the different COVID-19 vaccines administered in Manitoba:

    Tariff Code Description
    PFIZER vaccine
    MODERNA vaccine
    ASTRA ZENECA vaccine - per dose

2. Hospital Abstracts Data
    The following ICD-10-CA codes were introduced by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) for recording diagnoses related to COVID-19 in the Hospital Abstracts data.

    • At the time of writing this concept, the documentation we have indicates that some of the ICD-10-CA codes are proposed codes and may not be collected in the Manitoba data. We will confirm and update this documentation when new information is available.
    • Due to the timing of processing Hospital Abstracts data, these ICD-10-CA codes will probably not appear in the Hospital Abstracts data until the 2020/2021 fiscal year acquisition.

      Diagnosis Code Description
      COVID-19, virus identified
      COVID-19, virus not identified
      Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) associated with COVID-19
      Post COVID-19 condition (coded as Diagnosis Type 3 - Other Problem related to the Most Responsible Diagnosis)
      Personal History of COVID-19
      Need for immunization against COVID-19
      COVID-19 vaccines causing adverse effects in therapeutic use

3. Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)
4. Critical Care and Medicine (CCMED) Data
5. Manitoba Immunization Registry - Panorama Data
    The Manitoba Immunization Registry - Panorama data contains information on all vaccines administered in the province, including the following COVID-19 vaccines:
    SNOMED Code
    Tariff Code
    COVID-19 - Moderna
    COVID-19 - Pfizer
    COVID-19 - Astra Zeneca
    COVID-19 - Johnson & Johnson / Janssen

    NOTE: Manitoba COVID-19 vaccine data is available beginning in December 2020, although each vaccine has a different implementation date. This data is updated monthly.

    An additional dataset containing COVID-19 vaccination information that is updated on a weekly basis is also available for research. This information is described below in section 8 COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly Data of this concept.

6. COVID-19 Lab Testing and Results Data
    Highlights of the COVID-19 Lab Testing and Results data includes laboratory test information (e.g.: reason, test name) and result, test collection site information (e.g.: name, type), patient date of birth and postal code, and whether the patient is an essential worker, first responder or health care worker. This data is currently updated monthly.

    For more detailed information on the contents of the COVID-19 Lab Testing and Results data, see the COVID-19 Lab Testing and Results Data information on our website.
7. COVID-19 Surveillance - Cases and Contacts Data
    The COVID-19 Surveillance - Cases and Contacts data includes information on lab confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases, and contact information for each of these cases. Highlights of the Cases data include whether they were hospitalized or in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), admit dates for hospitalization and/or ICU, length of stay in hospital/ICU, a list of symptoms and onset date, and date of death, if applicable. Highlights of the Contacts data include a link to the Case, ethnicity data, type of exposure, and type of contact with the case. This data is currently updated monthly.

    For more detailed information on the contents of the COVID-19 Surveillance - Cases and Contacts data, see the COVID-19 Surveillance - Cases and Contacts Data information on our website.
8. COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly Data
    The COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly data includes vaccination data related only to COVID-19 vaccinations in Manitoba. Highlights of the vaccination data include: client birthdate, gender and postal code; number of doses received; delivery location and organization; immunization reason; SNOMED code and description; and vaccination date. This data is currently updated weekly.

    For more detailed information on the contents of the COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly data, see the COVID-19 Vaccinations - Weekly Data information on our website.
Cautions / Limitations
    The specific COVID-19 related diagnoses/tariff codes were not available for use when the pandemic started, so even if a patient presented with COVID, or the doctor wanted to bill for this situation, they could not because the codes were not available for use at that time. They would have to use alternate tariffs already available in the system. So, there is a potential data gap in the medical claims data. Additionally, these diagnoses/tariff codes may not appear in the CPCSSN data for some doctors who use the EMR, because the codes only became available after the pandemic had started.


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