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Birth Cohort - Definition and Measurement

Grade Cohort - Definition

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Grade Cohort and Birth Cohort

History of Cut-off Dates for School Entry

November/ December Births


  1. The distribution of pass/fail results for Grade 12 students who wrote the Language Arts (LA) standards test (see the Education Indices concept for more information) was similar across academic years. These results remained similar when children born in December were eliminated from the analyses.

  2. The Oreopoulos et al. (2008) data sample includes more than 96 percent of all children born in Manitoba in 1978-82 and 1984-85 and more than 99 percent of this group remaining in the province up to June of their 18th year. The cohort born in 1983 was not included because grade 12 provincial tests were not given in the school year 2000/2001 (when the 1983 birth cohort would be expected to be in grade 12).

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