Concept: Osteoporosis - Measuring Prevalence

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Last Updated: 2015-05-28


Methods of Defining Osteoporosis in MCHP Research

1. Fransoo et al. (2009), Martens et al. (2010), Chartier et al. (2012) and Fransoo et al. (2013)

Further Information

    For more information regarding osteoporosis, please read the related sections from the following reports:

    • 4.6 Osteoporosis in the Manitoba RHA Indicators Atlas 2009 (2009) deliverable.
    • 5.7 Osteoporosis in the Profile of Metis Health Status and Healthcare Utilization in Manitoba: A Population-Based Study (2010) deliverable.
    • 5.9 Osteoporosis in the Health and Healthcare Utilization of Francophones in Manitoba (2012) deliverable.
    • 4.10 Osteoporosis Prevalence in The 2013 RHA Indicators Atlas (2013) deliverable.

2. Martens et al. (2015)

Fransoo et al. (2019)

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