Term: Resource Intensity Weights (RIW™)

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Last Updated: 2009-04-09


Resource Intensity Weights (RIW™) are the relative case weights for CMGs™ used to measure the intensity of resource use (relative cost) associated with different diagnostic, surgical procedure and demographic characteristics of an individual. RIWs™ are assigned according to the case mix group to which an individual is assigned as well as their age, health status, and discharge status and are based upon micro-costing. In this report, we have used RIWs™ assigned using the CMG with Complexity Overlay (CMG Plx™) methodology.

For more information, please see the CIHI Web Site - Resource Indicators: Resource Intensity Weights (RIW) and Expected Length of Stay at: https://www.cihi.ca/en/data-and-standards/standards/case-mix/resource-indicators-dad-resource-intensity-weights-and .

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