Term: Breastfeeding Initiation

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Last Updated: 2014-11-13


Breastfeeding initiation starts when a mother begins to feed her infant milk from her breast. Breastfeeding initiation is identified as any live born newborn hospitalization (newborn hospitalizations are defined with ICD-9-CM codes V30 to V39 or ICD-10-CA code Z38) where the newborn feeding variables -- NBFEEDNG in hospital abstracts prior to 2004/05 OR NWB_FEED in hospital abstracts from 2004/05 onward -- indicates partial or exclusive (fully) breastfeeding initiation. Stillborn infants and infants with missing breastfeeding codes are excluded.

For detailed information on the codes used in the newborn feeding variable , see:

NOTE: Breastfeeding initiation can be derived from the newborn feeding variable in the hospital abstracts data since April 1, 1987.

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