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Brownell M, Santos R, Kozyrskyj A, Roos N, Au W, Dik N, Chartier M, Girard D, Ekuma O, Sirski M, Tonn N, Schultz J. Next Steps in the Provincial Evaluation of the BabyFirst Program: Measuring Early Impacts on Outcomes Associated with Child Maltreatment. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2007. [Report] [Summary]

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Children in Care (CIC) - Overview of Terminology and Characteristics
Complications of Labour and Delivery
Congenital Anomalies
Employment and Income Assistance (EIA)
External Cause of Injury Codes and Injury Categories
Families First Screening (FFS) / BabyFirst Screening (BFS) - Method of Creating a FFS / BFS Dataset
Infant Illness/Trauma
Measuring Continuity of Care (Continuity of Care Index)
Mother's Age at First Birth
Social Assistance Management Information Network (SAMIN) Research Data Set

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Apgar Scores
BabyFirst (now known as Families First)
BabyFirst Screening (BFS) Form
Birth Complications
Birth Weight
Child and Family Services Information System (CFSIS)
Child Maltreatment
Children in Care (CIC) / Ever in Care
Complications of Labour and Delivery
Congenital Anomalies
Continuity Of Care (COC) (Ambulatory)
Discharge Abstracts
Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) Program
Families First
Family Stress Checklist (FSC)
First Nations Community
Gestational Age
Healthy Child Manitoba (HCM)
Home Visiting Programs
Hospital Discharge Abstract
Immunization Data / Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS) Data
Infant Illness/Trauma
Injury Hospitalizations
Kappa (κ)
Manitoba Population Research Data Repository (Repository)
Marital Status
Maternal Depression
Mother's Age at First Birth
Negative Predictive Value (NPV)
Paraprofessional Home Visitors
Physician Claims
Population Registry
Positive Predictive Value (PPV)
Predictive Validity
Prenatal Care Visits (PCV) / Prenatal Care (PNC) / Prenatal Doctor Visits
Protective Services
Receipt of Protective or Support Services
Regional Health Authority (RHA)
Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD)
Social Assistance Management Information Network (SAMIN)
Socio-Economic Status (SES)
Substantiated Child Maltreatment
Support Services
Vital Statistics
Voluntary Family Services (VFS)
Weighted Kappas / Weighted Kappa Statistic


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