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Several databases from the Population Health Research Data Repository were used in the analyses in this report.

  • Manitoba Health. Health information included data from the hospital abstracts, physician visits, immunization monitoring, and prescription claims databases.
  • Vital Statistics. Information on deaths was taken from the Vital Statistics database.
  • Education. Education information included data from Systems and Technology Services and Assessment and Evaluation, as well as from the Reading Recovery program.
  • Healthy Child Manitoba. Information on the Healthy Baby Program was provided by Healthy Child Manitoba.
  • Maternal Serum Screening Program. Information on prenatal testing was taken from the Maternal Serum Screening Program database.
  • Community Resources. Data were obtained from the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department, the Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg Property and Lands Branch, Manitoba Family Services and Housing, and MCHP's Social Programs Database.

Prior to beginning this project, the research proposal was reviewed and approved by the University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board; the Manitoba Health Information Privacy Committee; the Manitoba Department of Education, Citizenship and Youth; the Manitoba Department of Family Services and Housing; Healthy Child Manitoba; and the University of Manitoba Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics.

Key Findings:

Education summary report

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