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Last Updated: 2020-07-10


A mental health disorder can be described as any disturbance of emotional equilibrium, as manifested in maladaptive behaviour and impaired functioning, caused by genetic, physical, chemical, biologic, psychologic, or social and cultural factors.

A mental disorder is diagnostically classified by psychiatry on criteria of manifesting symptoms and signs (using the DSM-IV system). The ICD-9-CM codes for mental health disorder are classified into 3 broad categories: psychotic disorder (major mental health disorder), non-psychotic disorder (minor mental health disorder), and other mental health disorders. If the ICD-9-CM code is in the range 290-319, it is considered an acute admission, regardless of length of stay (unless admission was to an extended care service).

Mental Health Disorders / Mental Disorders are also called emotional illness, mental illness, and psychiatric disorders.

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