Term: Ambulatory Visits - Physician

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Last Updated: 2013-10-30


Ambulatory visits include almost all contacts with physicians; this includes office visits, walk-in clinics, home visits, personal care home (PCH)/nursing home visits and visits to outpatient departments. The type of service provided is defined by a tariff code.

General Practitioner (GP)/Family Practitioner (FP) are now referred to as Family Physicians.

In MCHP research, the term Ambulatory Visits - Physician have also been called Ambulatory Visits, Ambulatory Physician Visits, Physician Claims, Physician Visits, and Ambulatory Visits (Physician Visits). In more recent research, the term Ambulatory Visits - Primary Care Provider has been used.

Ambulatory Visits - Physician data are found in the Medical Services Data.

Inclusions/Exclusions: Over time, some services have been included/excluded as part of the ambulatory visits - physician definition:

Note: For more information, please read the Ambulatory Visits concept.

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