Term: Drug Program Information Network (DPIN)

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Last Updated: 2010-10-22


DPIN is an electronic, on-line, point-of-sale drug system. It links all community pharmacies (but not pharmacies in hospitals or nursing homes/personal care homes) and captures information about all Manitoba residents, including most prescriptions dispensed to residents holding First Nation status. DPIN contains information such as unique patient identification, age, birthdate, sex, medication history, over-the-counter (OTC) medication history, patient postal code, new drugs prescribed, date dispensed, and unique pharmacy identification number. DPIN is maintained by the Government of Manitoba's Ministry of Health.

NOTE: In the Health Inequities deliverable (Martens et al., 2010), it was reported that up until the year 2005, northern First Nations community pharmaceutical data may be missing due to lack of prescription data being entered into the DPIN system. However, as of 2005 to the present, prescriptions for First Nations communities are dispensed through a private pharmaceutical company that reports all prescriptions through DPIN.

NOTE: See the Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) Data glossary term for more information.

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