Term: Injury Hospitalizations

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Last Updated: 2008-11-17


Hospitalizations lasting one day or longer that resulted from an injury as indicated by the presence of one of the ICD-9-CM E-Codes in any of the 16 diagnosis variables (PRIOR TO 2004-05 hospital data) OR any ICD-10-CA code beginning with V, W, X, or Y in any of the 25 diagnosis variables (BEGINNING with 2004-05 hospital data) that are recorded on the hospital discharge abstract.

Different exclusions are considered, depending on the nature of the research study. An example of exclusions are codes described as "misadventures due to medical and surgical care", as well as "adverse drug reactions". See the External Cause of Injury Codes and Categories concept for more information on the exclusions.

As an indicator, this measures the rate of injury hospitalizations per 1000 residents.

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