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Last Updated: 2013-10-30


The Manitoba Health Insurance Registry is a longitudinal, population-based registry maintained by Manitoba Health, consisting of all individuals who have been registered with Manitoba Health at some point in time since 1970. The registry includes individual-level demographics, family composition information, residential postal codes, and data fields for registration, birth, entry into province, and migration in or out of province. It provides the needed follow-up information to track residents for longitudinal and intergenerational analyses. Federally insured individuals such as military personnel and federal inmates are not included in this dataset. MCHP receives "snapshot files" of registry data semi-annually from Manitoba Health; these files are central to the use of the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository.

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For a detailed description of the Manitoba Health Insurance Registry / MCHP Research Registry, please see the Manitoba Health Insurance Registry / MCHP Research Registry - Overview concept.

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